Friday, September 28, 2012

Easy Peasy Mini/Small/Tiny 3 petal polymer clay fimo rose tutorial/how to

I recently bought a bunch of blocks of polymer clay (fimo and sculpey) so I could start making my own nail art decorations. Specifically roses...and whatever else I can learn to do. I was very surprised to see a lack of online tutorials about nail-size roses. All I could find were the larger roses and stuff about fimo canes (which I don't really use). So I tried making those 7 petal roses but smaller, and I was having a lot of trouble and they looked like crap. I realized I didn't need to try to squeeze so many petals onto such a small rose. So after practicing I came up with an easy method to make small roses. *Disclaimer* I'm sure there's other ways of doing this, and I'm not saying this is the correct way, but it works for me. After the first couple I was flying and had about 30 roses in 10 minutes. So if you're having trouble with roses like I was, I hope this helps!

 First, start out with a small ball of clay, about the size you want your rose to be. Mine is about the size of 2 peas put together.

Next you want to roll your clay into a snake. Mine was 3 inches :)

Cut your snake into 4 pieces, but make one piece smaller than the others, about half the size maybe. The small piece will be the center of your rose.

 Flatten the small piece, not too thin so it rips though.

Next, roll the flattened piece into a spiral like this

Then you want to take the other 3 pieces you cut and flatten them at the top  so the look like the shapes above-almost like an ice cream cone. These will be your petals.They don't have to be perfect. The bottom "cone" part will be removed at the end anyway. 

Wrap your first petal around the center rosebud, the spiral part you made.
Next, wrap the second petal, slightly overlapping the first. Do the same thing with the third petal:

If you want, you can lightly pinch the outer petals with your fingers and fan them out a bit to make the rose a little more realistic looking.
The bottom of your rose should look something like this ^^

Cut it off, and try to keep the bottom as flat as you can so it rests on your nails better.

Voila! Your rose should look something like these ^ Not perfect, but they're cute.  If yours look like crap, keep trying! Practice makes perfect, I promise!
I used my roses on my fairy kei/lolita/gyaru/kawaii/Japanese/hime/princess 3d nail art: Or whatever you wanna call it :) lol!
Pretty, yeah?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

3D nails fo' sale

Wow it's been a while since I posted anything. It's so hard to find time for this stuff right now. Not sure anyone reads it anyway LOL.
So to make some extra money I decided to start selling my nail designs on Etsy. I'm reallyyy happy with the deigns I've been coming up with, my nail art has really improved a lot! I've already sold 3 sets of nails and lots more people have my nails on their "favorites" lists! Check it out!