Saturday, June 30, 2012

Black, White, & Gold Nails


Ugh....I love these so much...I don't even want to wear them because they're so pretty (in my opinion lol). I just love the way they came out, so proud of them! I used black, white, and gold polish, gold steel ball beads from ebay and gold striping tape also from ebay. I also used some "black diamond" rhinestones for the thumb and pinky and the black bows are also from ebay. :)
It actually did not take that long to do at all, maybe 30 minutes...

Click to expand :)

Friday, June 29, 2012


I've been super busy with school the past few weeks, hence my lack of posts, so while I have time I wanted to post this. About 4 months ago I ordered 5 pairs of lenses from Uniqso. I just thought the packaging was so cute & I wanted to share it. They sent me a little teddy bear too, so presh! The shipping was quick because I paid extra for the 3 day shipping (I am sooo impatient). Their site is easy to navigate, their prices are normal for a lens site, but they always have some kind of special going on. Here are links to the reviews of my Uniqso lenses:
iFairy Luna (Green)
iFairy Kirei (Green)
iFairy Casper (Purple and Green)
Luxury Babe 02 (Purple)
Here is my super cute package from Uniqso:

The little boxes were so cute and my lenses
were safely wrapped with bubble wrap

The little bear they sent me, how cute is he!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lens Review: Luxury Babe 02

Lens: Luxury Babe 02
Color: Violet
Diameter: 17mm*
From: Uniqso


Website photo
I like these lenses, a lot. They're bright, pretty, doll-like and comfortable. But once again, they look retarded on my light blue eyes. Like a sticker decal stuck to my eyeball. Shame...they're really cute. I really like the thick black outer ring, some people don't because it's so unnatural. But how natural are you gonna get with purple-freakin contacts? Go big or go home! LOL. Nah, just kidding, I have seen some subtle, natural looking violet lenses. These, however, are not them. My main issue with these lenses is not the ridiculous way they make me look, but the diameter claims. 17mm is what the bottle says. It also says 17mm on the Uniqso website. But, to be fair, I'm sure they were just going by what the bottle said. There is no way these lenses are 17mm. It drives me nuts when manufacturers do that. They put what they consider to be the "enlarging effect" of the lens on the bottle, instead of the actual diameter. Actual diameter of these lenses is 14.5mm, not 17mm. How do I know? I measured. Here is a comparison photo, the top/left lens is my beloved iFairy Casper lens, 16mm (I measured) compared to the Luxury Babe lens. 17mm? You tell me:
16mm iFairy lens on the top left, LB lens "17mm" on the bottom right
Anyways! LOL here are some photos.....

They look alright from a few feet away, but close-up..I dunno...

"Pink Gyaru" Nails

I found these things on Ebay...they're these little molds. You add acrylic (powder+liquid) any color (I've only used white so far. After I add it with my brush, I used an old credit card to scrape the excess off the top. After you let it dry for a few minutes, you have pretty little things you can glue onto your nails (or anything else). I got a bunch of them including ones with bows (my favorite), hearts, lace, and various flowers. It was hard to get a good shot of them but here they are:

If you click on the pic it will get larger.

So I used the lace mold and made some pretty cool lace strips. They were difficult to glue on my nails, the sides kept flipping up. I think it may have had something to do with the crappy nail glue I was using. I used some bows, roses, hearts, and rhinestones, all purchased from Ebay and this is what I came up with:
The process
(I taped the sticks to a shoebox in order to easily paint them).

Actually, the bow on my thumb in this pic is one
that I made from the mold, and added the rhinestone in the center.

I'm really happy with them, I think they came out cute. I will be using my acrylic molds more to make more stuff to glue on my nails lol.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hair Bow!

I've been wearing my hair in the hair bow the last few days. Strangers come up to me to tell me how cute it is and ask how did I do that?? LOL I think it's funny that people assume it took so long to do. I spent no more than 4 minutes doing this. It is ridiculously easy! Click HERE to see how I did it. The cool thing about this hair bow, is it will work on long hair and up to shoulder-length hair, as long as you have enough hair to put in a little ponytail! The more hair you have, the bigger the bow. It is a little messy but I had it in all day before I took the pics! :)

Lens Review: iFairy Casper

So I have the same lens here in 2 different colors so I decided to just put them in one post together! :)
Lens: iFairy Casper
Color: Green and Violet
Diameter: 16mm
From: Uniqso

 I've had these for about 4 months maybe. These lenses are definitely my go-to lenses when I want that big eyed look without looking too crazy. Actually, I wear these lenses more than any of my other ones. I really love them!
The comfort is unbeatable, but all iFairy lenses are super comfortable to me. They have a very high water content, 55%! That means they are super comfortable. Many circle lenses (smaller than 15mm diameter) have a water content of about 38%. The diameter is a true 16mm (I measured :)  And eye makeup is a must with these, as is with most large diameter lenses.
The color is vivid without being obnoxiously bright. The only thing is, up close, they look fake. Most circle lenses do on light blue eyes. But they don't look stupid-fake. Most people don't get that close up anyway lol! The green definitely looks more natural even though there is a purple ring around them. That's what drew me to these. I LOVED the green and purple together, it looks so awesome!
On they were having a sale on iFairy lenses, I think 2 for $39. Not sure if it's still up or if it's permanent, but it was up for a while. It did start after I ordered these, so I didn't get the discount.

Green - Indoors
Green lenses - Outside/sunlight

Purple - Sunlight

Purple - Inside with natural light

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New nails

Yay! So my bows are getting worse lol, the ones I had on my last nails were cuter I think :) But I still like these a lot. I used my dual form system molds and some glitters I mixed myself. They are just so freakin' long. I couldn't even zip up my jeans this morning so I just put on an extra long tank top to cover it lol.
But I am cleaning my house this week so I will definitely cut them shorter. I honestly don't understand how some women function with crazy long nails. They must have to change their entire life and the way they do things completely. Or they have someone to help them zip their pants, put on their bra, wipe their ass. Ewwww lol! Hey as long as they can keep their nails clean then more power to em. It grosses me out when I see women with long, dirty nails . You can carry so much more bacteria and dirt with those things, hygiene needs to be at a whole other level when you have long nails! Anyways, sorry there I go again hehehe.

Left hand

Right hand

So flippin' long
For those who don't know what I'm talking about when I say Dual Forms. :)
They have made it sooo easy to do acrylics! Available @

Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm baaaack!

Yay I am back. I haven't had internet for 3 days :(
It was horrible. I actually got stuff done. So no school until the 18th woohoo! Working on some glitter acrylics now and I still have a bunch of lens mini reviews to come!