Monday, February 4, 2013

Sassy & Punk (or SassynPunk ) Shop HONEST and UNSPONSORED review and update

This is not a review about their products because, well, I didn't receive anything. I wanted to write this review because there are a serious lack of HONEST and UN-SPONSORED reviews for this shop. I first heard about Sassy & Punk on a blog I was reading-a sponsored review of course (meaning Sassy & Punk sent free items to the blogger to promote themselves which there's nothing wrong with but the review is bias and guaranteed to be positive).
I started browsing the page and they had a few cute things, nothing particularly special that I couldn't make myself or find on Etsy. I had a question about the shipping charges so I emailed them and received a friendly reply from the owner, Leyla, in less than an hour. I placed my order a few minutes later for a t-shirt that was supposed to be a gift, a charm, and a ring. My total was just under $40 including a $7 shipping charge.
After I placed my order I received an email with no estimated delivery date, nothing saying my order would be delayed at all. I waited patiently for five days. After hearing nothing at all, I sent Leyla a friendly and polite email asking when the order would be shipped. 24 hours later she replied to me informing me that my order would be shipped the next morning. I waited 2 days after my order supposedly shipped then asked if I was to receive a tracking number. 3 days later I still had not been replied to and sent another message. This is exactly what I sent to them:
"> I have to say, I'm quite disappointed in your shop. I was very excited when
> I found your page and you responded to me in less than an hour when I needed
> help.
> After purchase I received an email with no shipping estimate or any
> notification that my order would be delayed. After 5 days on the 28th I sent
> an email asking about my order and after 24 hours I was told it would ship
> on the morning of the 30th. I asked for a tracking number 24 hours ago on
> the 31st and have not gotten any reply. With the shipping charge I paid for
> a t-shirt, a ring, and a charm, I'm assuming that includes tracking. I've
> looked all over your page for shipping times or to check if the items I
> ordered maybe just take more time-I can't find any information.
> I feel that I've been extremely patient so please tell me if I'm being
> unreasonable. I run an online store and the first thing I tell my customers
> is when I will have their order completed and shipped.
> If my order has not yet shipped, please send a full refund within 24 hours."

2 days later this is what the psychotic owner sent back to me:

>haha YES i think you are unreasonable...not only that you are THE most impatient customer i have ever dealt with you're also extremely exhausting to deal with. I just got back into town and had to leave unexpectedly because there was a death in my family. How smart do you feel  knowing you've been harassing me while im dealing with a death? Now that im back....i will more than happily refund your money. Please do not respond to this are driving me and my assistant insane with your lack of patients and irritating behavior. Take this as a lesson for your own business that you supposedly own....your assumptions and impulsive behavior will get you nowhere in life. Not only are we happy to refund your money but we would also like for you to never visit our sites again. Our peace of mind is worth more than your money....i have never let money rule my life and i hope you have learned a lesson from this.


Leyla V.
owner & designer
sassyNpunk Boutique

Ummmm....somebody needs to make an appointment with their therapist, like ASAP. This person has NO BUSINESS having a website and handling money and customers.
Apparently sending TWO emails is harassment according to Leyla. And her "assistant" couldn't send me a message? If someone was annoying me (which I was not doing in any way) I would REPLY to their email asap to get them to stop. She sounds like a teenager.
This is what I replied with, right before blocking her email address:

1.    I’m not psychic. If you would have taken 2 minutes to LET ME KNOW WHAT WAS GOING ON, I would have been perfectly fine with waiting. When I send someone money and they don’t reply or give me any type of acknowledgement, we have a problem. You were super quick to reply when you were about to get a sale. After you get the money though-who cares right?
2.    I was extremely patient and friendly after waiting 6 days for my order, which happened to be a gift for my sister’s birthday..Yesterday. It was after not getting any reply and being LIED to about my order shipping did I start to get annoyed. If you get annoyed with a customer after TWO emails, the problem is you.
3.    You are running a business. It is your responsibility to act like an adult and notify your customers about delays to orders. Lying about orders being shipped is not OK. If this is too difficult for you, you’re in the wrong business.
4.    I don’t plan on visiting your shop again. I have never in my life dealt with such an irrational, immature, childish person. Just because you’re on your own website, and have no way of getting customer feedback, does not give you the right to treat your customers like shit. I expect a refund immediately or I will file a dispute with paypal. If I had any idea I’d be waiting this long for a t-shirt and a crappy charm and ring, I would have made them myself.
5.    Go to hell.

I received a refund shortly after. Now, I run a pretty busy online shop. I still make time to answer all emails promptly in a friendly way. Even the most obnoxious customers (which I don't feel I was being in any way) receive a polite response. Because that's how mature adults run a business.
I have no plans to ever visit Sassy and Punk again. They're overpriced and not very original. I am pretty glad I ended up getting a refund though; I can make the charm and ring myself (and not just saying that, I'm quite crafty with polymer clay ;)
After reading this, what do YOU think? Was I being totally and ridiculously unreasonable or was Sassy & Punk (Trashy & Junk)?

In other news, I'm so so SO grateful for all the business I've been getting lately. I honestly never thought my nail art was that good, but people seem to love it.  I don't have much free time between my shop and school, but it's ok. They say if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life-SO TRUE.
I also just hit 300 fans on my facebook page (which isn't a lot, but it's a big deal to me!!) AND 220 sales on Etsy (pretty amazing for 3 months being open!)
I feel so blessed and lucky right now. I think this is the happiest I've been in my life in a long time. I actually paid my bills early this month :D I'm also planning another nail giveaway on my facebook page so come like my page if you like nails!

I also cut my hair off and bleached it platinum- it was supposed to be pastel pink and green but it's a bit brighter than what I wanted. But it will fade my hairdresser tells me :)
Going to add some purple tomorrow also \(^-^)/