Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My next project

So there's these sunglasses from Marialia.com that I have been obsessing over for almost two years now, no joke! They're $160 (for black, other colors are $172) and unfortunately I just haven't had the extra funds laying around for these:
Aren't they beautiful?

Every time I look at them I die a little inside.
So I was thinking a few days ago, umm why can't I make them myself? I can glue rhinestones too! But the problem is, the Swarovski crystals they use are so bloody expensive! So I have some black rhinestones that aren't Swarovski, but they're still pretty sparkly! I did have to order more of them though and they are only $1 for 1000 of them on ebay. I also found the heart sunglasses on ebay for super cheap! I think they were less than $2! The glasses and the rhinestones are both coming from China so it's going to be at least 2 weeks before I can start :(
But I'm super excited to try this and see how they look!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Updates & Blog Whores

I may be new here but .....what is up with these girls on this website that only care about getting blog followers? Is it really such a big deal? I don't know about you, but I'd rather someone follow my blog because they like it, not to just get followers on their own blogs.
The reason I'm saying this is because I've been getting emails lately from bloggers letting me know that if I follow their blog, they will follow mine. One of the blogs was written completely in German. I don't even speak German.
Of course it's nice to have subscribers, but what is the point of having subscribers if they don't even really like your blog? I follow quite a few blogs, and they're all about stuff I am interested in and genuinely like!
So I am really starting to like this blogging thing. Yeah, I'm a little late in the game and yeah, I only have two followers, but it's still fun :)  It's kind of like a journal of sorts, a journal of stuff I like! I can't wait to get more posts up, I have so much to talk about which is funny because I'm pretty quiet in RL and I have very few friends. But I do prefer it that way and I like being alone than being around a group of people!
So hopefully in a few days I'll have more posts, I am super busy with school right now. It's my last week and I have final exams :(  Back to my studying (boooo!) 
Ciao for now! <3

Friday, May 25, 2012

It's the final countdown!

Ooooh I have so much work to do! Its my last week of school and being the procrastinator that I am, I am trying to make up some work I haven't finished! I only waited until midnight to start....but I have 9 hours until class so I thought I'd make a quick post to let my (nonexistent) followers know I have more stuff coming up soon :)
Hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Closet Voyage Beauty's in the Bag!

Omg! One of my most favoritest blogs evaarrr!! I love seeing her OOTD's and makeup reviews, especially a lot of Asian brands!
Shes having an amazing giveaway with 3 winners, srsly guys, srsly check her out :))

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lens Review: iFairy Kirei Green

Another pair of iFairy lenses! My favorites for comfort!
Lens: iFairy Kirei
Color: Green/Aqua
Diameter: 16mm
From:  Uniqso
Website photo

I have nothing bad to say about these lenses. They are amazingly comfortable, I can't even feel them in my eyes. The color is...just WOW! It's green, but more of a gorgeous blue-green color. And it blends so nicely with my light eyes! There is a very prevalent "halo effect", where you can see the whites of my eyes through the lens when I look to the side or look up. It's really cool!

Really cool halo effect on these!

 Only thing is...eye makeup/eyeliner/mascara or fake lashes is kinda a must with these. The huge diameter coupled with the thick black limbal ring is very dramatic and looks totally alien-like with no eye makeup! Sometimes I don't always wear eyeliner on my bottom lash line, but with these I have to. False lashes also help balance out the look! They are gorgeous though, and I get so many compliments when I wear these! Definitely one of my favorites!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Deco Nails!

This is something I've totally been wanting to do for a long time! Ever since I made my phone case and I started seeing all the amazing deco 3-D nail designs that are so popular in Asia! I had ordered some small roses a while ago for my phone case, they didn't arrive in time so I didn't use them. They came in the mail today and I thought they would be so perfect for some nail art. ^_^
This is what my nails looked like this morning. Those are the eBay nails, I thought
they looked better as just an "accent" nail!
So I got on YouTube because I had seen tutorials on making things out of acrylic, like roses and bows. It took me a while but I finally started to get it! They looked like crap at first lol.
I used one of my dual form molds to make them on so
they would be curved and stay on my nail better!

I made about 40 of these before they started looking decent!
You can tell which ones I made first, and which ones I made last :)

Then I painted my nails with my nail art polishes. I've never been very good at this but it's ok because I was covering them up with stuff anyway. :D
I ended up painting over that deformed heart on my middle finger hehehe

I am not very good at this part LOL!!

Next, I added the bows, roses, and couldn't forget the rhinestones!! I think they are pretty cute for my first attempt at this! I used nail glue but I'm wondering if I should have used craft glue for this? It would have been easier if I made the nails, then put them on, but I already had nails on my fingers so I just painted them like that!

UPDATE: Omg these things are so freaking annoying! They keep getting tangled in my hair LOL!! But so cute!

Too Faced Primed & Poreless Powder

I have found my perfect foundation routine! I also wanted to break up some of these circle lens posts LOL!! Soooo...I felt like I should make a post about my newest discovery. Well it's not completely brand new. I have been using this for a month now, just to make sure I love it. The Too Faced Primed & Poreless powder. This does come in a liquid form also, but I wanted the powder because I wanted something to wear over my bb cream to set it. Originally I would wear my bb cream (either Skin79 Orange or Lioele Triple the Solution) and then my MAC Studiofix. It was nice, but sometimes it was just too heavy! I live in very humid heat and I would rather have something lighter on my face!

I saw this product at my local Ulta while stalking the Too Faced section. I do love Too Faced cosmetics, especially their little square box palettes! I only have Romantic Eye but I use it all the time and the other ones are beautiful too! I also have a few individual eyeshadows (Magic Mushroom=Ah-may-zing!) and Their Amazing face liquid foundation and pressed powder foundation. I haven't worn the foundation in quite a while because I prefer my bb cream :(
Anyways it was $28 and the packaging was gorgeous, naturally, as everything in the Too Faced line is. On the packaging it states that it can be used alone, under foundation, or over foundation as a setting powder. I wasn't blessed with great skin unfortunately, so I rarely go without foundation or bb cream. My pores aren't like huge, but they're definitely visible to me. So I put this on my face before bb cream/after moisturizer and I swear my pores disappeared lol. After I put my bb cream, of course you couldn't see it but it did act as a pretty OK base. What blew me away was the way it looked over my bb cream/foundation. It turned my skin instantly matte and it just looked airbrushed. It is super pretty! I didn't even need that much, just a light veil over my t-zone. You do have to be careful not to use too much of this. It can look powdery and white if you use too much.
So I absolutely love the way this set my bb cream/foundation. I'm not sure how it looks on dark skin, I am a pretty pale chick! It is translucent but it can make me look even lighter. Sometimes I will use a little blush and bronzer under it and it still looks great. I think the amount of product you get could be a little more for the price, but I can tell this stuff will be lasting me a very long time.
I wish I had a better camera but once I get the memory card (or a USB cable) for my digi cam I will be able to take much better pics and I promise to update this!

I have a review coming of these lenses.
(Luxury Babe 04)

Excuse my dark eye circles, I always have them on
Saturday mornings (my 8am class :P)

 Do you have a holy grail product/fantastic makeup routine? Leave me a comment and tell me about it!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lens Review: Princess Pinky Twilight Gray

Website Photo
Lens: Princess Pinky Twilight
Color: Gray
Diameter: 14.5mm
From: Pinky Paradise http://www.pinkyparadise.com/Princess_Pinky_Twilight_Grey_p/f32-princess-pinky-twilight-gy.htm

I like these lenses a lot. They aren't as bright on my light eyes, but they still lighten significantly. They are much more vivid on dark eyes. I don't know about the 14.5mm. The color doesn't stretch to the ends of the lens. I think the design is more like 14mm. These are not enlarging at all, but I chose these for the color. They also come in brown, blue and green and they are all equally as bright and vibrant. The brown ones are more like a yellow/gold. If I had darker eyes I wouldn't wear these so often, but on my eyes, again they just lighten instead of the glowing effect. These are one of the priciest lenses on Pinky Paradise, but I haven't seen these lenses anywhere else. They are nearly $30, but they were a gift from a friend. If I would have looked at the price I would have chose a more inexpensive pair. They are great for cosplay and other events. The blue is beautiful, I would love to see how they look on me also.
These are the Twilight lens in blue, gorgeous right?
I do wear these a few times a month, but I prefer lenses with enlarging effects. They are comfortable once I get them in after a few seconds, but for some reason, the first 30 seconds or so I put these in my eyes, they just burn! I don't know why, I am a very sanitary person and I keep my lenses very clean but every time I wear these they just burn my eyes at first and make my eyes water so bad. It does go away quickly though and it's not like unbearably painful. These are the only lenses I have that do that, its so strange!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


This is kinda explicit, just an FYI if you are offended easily. But Miss Banks has won me with this one! This has been on my ipod for weeks now! Not only is she beautiful but I am lovin her style and voice!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Lens Review: iFairy Luna lenses

Oh what was I thinking when I chose these lens??? They are so cool looking though right? But why did I ever think they would look good on my light eyes?
Website Photo

Lens: iFairy Luna
Color: Green (seriously?)
Diameter: 16.2mm
From: Uniqso
I do love iFairy lenses. I've noticed they have almost the exact same styles as Vassen lenses, but they come in a bigger diameter. I know some of these lens brands are actually manufactured by the same companies so I would assume that is the case! I also love iFairy lenses because not only can I get 16mm diameter, but that is also accompanied by a high water content. These are 55%! iFairy lenses are the most comfortable lenses I've ever worn.
But unfortunately, these are not for me. At all. Like no way in hell could I ever pull these off. It almost looks like I stuck a decal on my eye. So sadly, these join the other pairs of lonely circle lenses that I can't wear. :(

I must have really big eyes.

This pic kinda scares me....

Here comes the mail it never fails it makes me wanna wag my tail! Solution-Lens.com

So in one of my last circle lens posts I mentioned I was waiting for an order from solution-lens.com. Wow that was some fast shipping! It came from Bangkok, Thailand in 7 days. Including the weekend. I ordered on the 10th of May, it was shipped on the 11th. and it arrived this morning, the 18th. My order of 3 pairs of lenses is perfect also, I will definitely be ordering from them in the future. Only problem was they gave me 2 lens cases instead of 3, but it's not a big deal because my mom has a bunch of extra lens cases. Communication was great also, they replied to all my emails promptly and friendly. On to the good stuff!
So I ordered 3 pairs, they have a buy 2 get 1 special ($40 +free shipping!). They also have other deals where the more you buy, the more you get for free. I got another pair of the Princess Mimi Bambi lenses in the chocolate brown color. I've seen pictures of these lenses on another girl with light blue eyes and they looked great on her. Hopefully they look great on me as well! I also got another pair of the Xtra Bella WBS-201lenses, in violet because I really like the pattern (I just got them in brown from kiwiberry1). And lastly, I receieved the Geo Xtra WT-B60 Forest series in pink. I honestly don't know why I ordered those when I have been wanting the Geo Super nudy pink lenses for freakin' ever!! But they're cute anyway, hope they look cute on my eyeballs too! ^_-  Reviews will be up soon!
They only gave me 2 cases so the blue one is one I had here

Princess Mimi Bambi in brown

Forest in pink

Xtra Bella in violet
I switched the case for the photo because they looked blue in that blue case!


Karmin - Brokenhearted (cover)

I heard this song by Katie Sky in a makeup tutorial actually and it just stuck in my head! I absolutely adore this girls voice. The original is great too, but I think I like this cover a teensy bit more! And not just because we have the same name ;)
And this is the original, by Karmin.
Which one do you like better (if you even like the song lol!)

Meow!! Random kitty post!!

Zoe's bowl :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lens Review: EOS New Adult Violet

Website picture

Lens: EOS New Adult
Color: Violet
Diameter: 14mm
From: Pinky Paradise
Ok...first I just want to say, are these even considered "circle lenses"? To me, they just seem more like colored contacts. I always considered circle lenses to have certain functions, specifically to enlarge the eye. I could be wrong though. Anyways, these would be a beautiful lens. Especially if I had darker eyes (see picture). In normal light, when my pupils aren't so small, they actually didn't look that bad. The color is gorgeous, it's bright and vibrant. My biggest issue with these lenses is the comfort.
These are the most uncomfortable G.D. lenses I have ever put in my freakin' eyeball.  And I was very surprised because I have heard fantastic things about EOS lenses being super comfortable! The first time I wore them, they weren't that bad, not comfortable, but not unbearable. The more I wore these lenses, the worse they became. I just tried them again after not wearing them for a few weeks and I had to take them out after 5 minutes! They are the only pair of 14mm lenses I own and I'm wondering if that has something to do with it. Like they're too small for my iris maybe? I don't know. But I really wanted to like these, they are really pretty. :(

In the case

NO makeup on lol


Lens Review: G&G Barbie King Size Circle Pink

These lenses and the Sesame Gray were the first 2 pairs I ordered. They both came from Pinky Paradise.
Website Photo
Lens: G&G King Size (aka Dueba/Barbie)
Color: Pink
Diameter: 14.5
From: Pinky Paradise
Ok...so there's really nothing wrong with these lenses. They're cute and they're pretty comfortable. I guess I just have other lenses that I prefer to wear. These are not natural looking by any means, but if that's what I wanted I wouldn't be ordering pink lenses now would I? And up close, you can see my blue iris in the center, which I really don't like. They do look much better on dark eyes.  :(
When I chose these, I was new to circle lenses and I didn't even take into consideration how they would blend with my eyes. I did wear them when I only had the 2 pairs of lenses but now, well, I just don't wear these anymore.They do slip sometimes, you can see on the picture below.
In the case
They slip sometimes :(
I didn't even notice this until I saw the pic! That could've been embarrassing!

I don't photoshop my pics lol

New Lenses!

I am super excited today! I just checked the mail and my lenses I ordered from kiwiberry1-collection have arrived! For a while now, I have been wanting a pair of brown lenses. But I was very hesitant about ordering them because I don't know if they will look silly on me with my natural blue iris showing in the center of the pupil hole right? So I had been looking at the Geo Xtra X-Bella in brown. They don't have that harsh, blunt pupil hole in the center, they actually blend. I chose the xtra, which are 15mm instead of the regular bella series because larger lenses work better for me and I prefer a more "dolly" look. So I think it was some kind of anniversary sale that they were having and all the lenses were 50% off! I wish I could've bought more but I can't afford it right now. >_< So I ended up paying $10 for these plus $7 shipping. Not bad! This was my first purchase from Kiwiberry. It took about a week and a half to get to me from Korea (I thought they were in Canada?) ...So I have them soaking in solution now and I can't wait to try them out! I really hope they don't look ridiculous on me :)))
Website photo
Soaking! :D
This is the 12th pair of lenses I own. I really wish I had done more research before ordering because some of these have just been a waste of money. Circle lenses were designed for Asian women, who almost always have dark eyes. Many lenses just don't look good on light eyed people! I hope I can be of help to other light-eyed lens lovers! I am waiting for an order from Solution-lens. I couldn't pass up their three pairs for $40!
As you can see, I have lots more lenses that I will be reviewing on this blog!
Unfortunately, I cannot wear some of these because they just don't blend with my eyes :(

Lens Review: Princess Mimi Sesame Gray

So I'm going to start doing reviews of the circle lenses I currently own. I'll start with the first pair of lenses I got, the super popular Princess Mimi lenses! I also want to apologize in advance for my low quality pictures. All I have at the moment is my iPhone camera. The memory card on my digital camera broke :(((
Lens: Geo Princess Mimi
Color: Sesame Grey
Diameter: 15mm
From: Pinky Paradise
Oh first, I want to include a picture of my natural eyecolor without lenses. It's a light blue, sometimes it is more gray:

These are a very popular lens right now, and for good reason. I love the crap outta these! The enlargement is perfect for me and I love the dolly look it gives me. I have read other reviews saying they aren't that comfortable but for me, they're great. I have worn them all day with no problems. I do have kinda dry eyes so with any contact lens I have to carry eye drops with me and use them every so often. One of the reasons why I love these so much is because they blend so well with my light eyes. The color is a vibrant gray and it even looks great on dark eyes.
This is the stock photo from the website
This is what they look like in the lens case (sorry for my crappy camera)