Saturday, July 21, 2012

MYO Makeup Pigments from Ebay - Soul Set

I have been wanting to try some pigment eyeshadow for a while now. My budget does not allow me any high-end makeup to play around with right now(only the basics! ;) so I thought I'd give one of these online indie brands a shot! I looked at a few and their order times were so long, some were almost a month! And others were way too expensive for 1 color. So I turned to ebay (what did you expect from me?). I was looking for a small set of pigments at a reasonable price. I ordered a couple from China, I think 12 pigments for like $2 lol, but those haven't arrived yet. I found these:
 The brand is called MYO and I purchased them HERE.
They arrived quickly, another pleasant surprise. The containers are small, but not tiny. The makeup is pigmented enough to where these will last a regular person a very long time! You do NOT need that much of these! Applied over a good primer (I prefer UD Primer Potion) these will last all day. Two of the colors are matte, the bright blue and the black. The other 8 are shimmery, some more than others.

One of my favorites (not the yellow:)

I did not use any primer under the swatches

 If you're a fan of the Urban Decay Sustainable Palette (the bamboo one) you may recognize some of these. 4 of the colors are pretty close, less glittery dupes of YDK, Half-Baked, Kiddie Pool and Flipside. Which is fine with me because I loved the shit out of that palette and hit pan on every color, they're pretty much gone. So I was very pleasantly surprised by this palette! This is called the "Soul" set btw, there are a few more, including a super bright set! I chose this because I wanted a shimmery lilac/violet and a shimmery taupe/brown color. And I wasn't disappointed. I recommend this for anyone on a budget, a great buy.


  1. thank you for reviewing these! I just purchased them on a whim without doing any research! But these swatches are super helpful :)

    1. No problem :) I think you will like them!