Sunday, December 9, 2012

Updates and new junk food/sweets/dessert/Rilakkuma decoden iphone 4s phone case :D

Hello!!! It's been so long since I've updated  :) I've been very successful with my Etsy shop so far and I'm very grateful for all the sales! It's been keeping me extremely busy though, and with school I never have any free time anymore. But it's ok because I LOVE making nails! The feedback from my customers has been fantastic and I'm soooo happy that people seem to like my designs so much. When I started this, I never dreamed I would actually sell anything lol. I have to admit though, it is pretty cool having people tell you how awesome you are every day. LMAO
I love Etsy. I've also been doing some shopping there. I made a new phone case also, isn't it PRESH??? If you would like to know where I got any pieces just comment and I'll get back to you :) You can click on any pic to enlarge it. Well first, this is everything I WANTED to put on it:
I wish I could have fit it all :( I need to make a laptop case!

Not that you can see it, but the bottom is covered in pink and purple (Striped) whipped
cream clay and I basically just stuck everything in on top while it was wet.
It took a few days for it to dry completely because of all the stuff I put on it.
After it was dry there were a few loose pieces which I added E6000 under
so they don't come off!

You're not able to add phone charms to the iPhones so I created this charm thing and attached it to the star charm on the phone and reinforced it with some E6000 glue since it is quite heavy.
(Rilakkuma is actually a pen! With pink ink:))

This is the front part of the case. It's NOT completed yet. I've
ordered a bunch of Swarovski crystals that are taking forever to get here
so when they arrive the front will be EXTRA sparkly!. And yes, that is an
ice cream scoop on my home button. And a silhouette of a kitty loaf. and a bone on the top left,
and a NSFW on top right (Not Safe For Work) ;)

It's super heavy but I really don't care because everytime I look at it, I'm instantly in a good mood. I upgraded finally to the iphone 4s (which i'm really liking so far) so I had to make a new phone case. A big step up from the last one!


  1. Hi I would like to purchase a few the items I saw on your tutorial where can I get it????